2006 Campaign Countdown

  • Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Mike Whalen, first congressional district candidates AUDIO 10/23/06
  • Republican Congressman Jim Leach and Democrat challenger Dave Loebsack, 2nd congressional district candidates AUDIO 10/24/06
  • Democrat Congressman Leonard Boswell and Republican challenger Jeff Lamberti, 3rd congressional district candidates AUDIO 10/25/06
  • Republican Congressman Tom Latham and Democrat challenger Seldon Spencer, fourth congressional district candidates AUDIO 10/26/06
  • Republican Congressman Steve King and Democrat challenger Joyce Schulte, fifth congressional district candidates AUDIO 10/27/06
  • A review of unopposed candidates for statewide office: State Auditor Dave Vaudt, State Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald & State Attorney General Tom Miller. AUDIO 10/28/06
  • Jim Nussle, Republican gubernatorial candidate AUDIO 10/30/06
  • Chet Culver, Democratic gubernatorial candidate AUDIO 10/31/06
  • Republican Mary Ann Hanusa and Democrat Michael Mauro, Secretary of State candidates AUDIO 11/1/06
  • Democrat Denise O’Brien and Republican Bill Northey, Secretary of Agriculture candidates AUDIO 11/2/06
  • A review of the two major parties’ quest for control of legislature AUDIO 11/3/06
  • November 4 – A “Day in the Life” with both gubernatorial candidates
    • “A Day in the Life” (Extended version) AUDIO (6 min)
    • Chet Culver’s speech to Johnson County Democrats on October 6, 2006 AUDIO (13 min)
    • Jim Nussle’s speech to Marshal County Republicans on October 19, 2006 AUDIO (12 min)
  • Review of candidates from other parties on the statewide and congressional ballot AUDIO 11/6/06
  • Voters’ Voices: Iowans talk about the campaign AUDIO 11/7/06

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