Radio Iowa 25 years

The first Radio Iowa newscast aired on 30 stations at 5:57am on July 1, 1987. Today, Radio Iowa can be heard on more than 60 stations throughout the state.

Todd Kimm and O. Kay Henderson have been with Radio Iowa since the the network was created and Kay became news director in 1994. They — along with a great line-up of reporters — have covered natural disasters, the Iowa Caucuses… stories — large and small — for the past quarter century.

As we begin our second 25 years, we’d like to thank the hard working men and women at our network affiliates who make our coverage truly statewide in scope.

In coming months we’ll share some of the history Radio Iowa. If you have a story to add, please email us.

Radio Iowa Newsletters (1987-1992)
1987 | 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992

Radio Iowa

KIIC, Albia

“From the day Radio Iowa went on the air, our newsroom immediately grew in numbers without adding any expense! Having several additional reporters at our disposal instantly gave our station greater credibility in the news business. What a watershed moment for local radio! One centrally located station’s sole claim on state news no longer existed. Now we had reporters in every corner of the state – with better sources, faster audio to air, and better context written around the story. We’ll always miss the rich tones from Dennis Sutterer – one of Radio Iowa’s pioneer anchors. We continue to use Radio Iowa every day.”– Joe Milledge, Owner KIIC-FM, Albia.

KLGA, Algona

“Congratulations on your 25th annivesary. I have been involved with small market Iowa radio stations that have had a relationship with Radio Iowa for about that long. It has been a pleasure to work with Radio Iowa and it’s excellent staff. At KLGA we have a great appreciation for Radio Iowa’s superior news product; covering the state of Iowa.”– Bob Ketchum, General Manager, KLGA-AM/FM, Algona.

Nice Shout-out from our sister network in South Carolina

KWBG, Boone

“With a small news staff…okay, a news staff of one…we don’t have the manpower to scour various news sources each and every day. Radio Iowa provides us with stories that are important to our listeners; and, they come from the perspective of Iowans. Reports from Radio Iowa News and Sports are a fixture in our broadcast day!”– Carol Kuster, General Manager KWBG-AM, Boone.

WOW, Omaha/Council Bluffs

Roster of Radio Iowa Reporters

  • Dennis Sutterer — May, 1987 through May, 1994
  • Todd Kimm — June, 1987 through current day
  • O. Kay Henderson  — June, 1987 through current day
  • Bob Pyle — June, 1988 through August, 1989
  • Bob Rasmus — September, 1989 through May, 1992
  • Vern Beachy — May, 1992 through April, 1995
  • Jordan Melrose — August, 1994 through February, 1997
  • Tim Belay —  August , 1995 through November, 1996
  • Matt Kelley  — December, 1996 through current day
  • Dar Danielson — March, 1997 through current day
  • Stella Schaffer — April, 2001 through April, 2007
  • Pat Curtis  — May, 2007 through current day

KSIB, Creston

“As a small market radio station, Radio Iowa has been great in providing us News from the State Capitol and other parts of the State that we would otherwise not be able to cover. KSIB has had a long standing relationship with Radio Iowa and appreciate the professional approach to broadcasting that the Radio Iowa reporters provide!” — Chad Reick, General Manager KSIB-AM/FM, Creston.

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