• State of the State Address – Governor Matt Blunt before a joint session of the Missouri General Assembly on January 24, 2007. (60 min)
  • Democratic Response — Attorney Jay Nixon’s response to State of the State Address. (8 min)






  • Budget Outlook for FY 2004 — At at news conference on Tuesday, January 7, 2002, State Budget Director Linda Luebbering presented what might be considered a state government doomsday document tries to explain in human terms how much ananticipated billion-dollars shortage in state funding would hurt Missourians. 1/07/02 60 min
  • The Missourinet’s Bob Priddy and Brent Martin spoke with Governor Bob Holden and some of the leaders of the Missouri House and Senate about the 2003 session. The interviews were conducted in December, 2002
  • Jim Talent victory speech — 11/05/02 8 min
  • Jean Carnahan concession speech — 11/05/02 3:30
  • Senate Race Debate — Jean Carnahan, Jim Talent, Tamara Millay and Daniel “Digger” Romano. October 24, 2002, from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri.
  • Jean Carnahan -Jim Talent Debate — Sponsored by KMOX Radio, KETC-TV and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 10/21/02 60 min
  • Judicial Conference Speech — Chief Justice Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr., speaking [text] at the opening luncheon of the Missouri Bar/Judicial Conference in Kansas City. 9/12/02 25 min
  • 9/11 Memorial. Bob Priddy anchors ceremony from steps of State Capitol. 9/11/02 60 min
  • Hearing on rape and sodomy bills — One of the issues being debated in the Missouri Legislature deals with eliminating the statute of limitations for rape and sodomy cases. The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on February 12, 2002, on two proposed bills dealing with this issue. 30 min
  • State of the Judiciary — Chief Justice Stephen Limbaugh, Jr., January 15, 2002 (Text)
  • Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr., chief justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri, speaking to the Missouri Bar/Judicial Conference (9/13/01) in Springfield, Missouri. 25 min (Text)
  • National Day of Prayer and Remembrance in Jefferson City, following terrorist attacks. Missourinet News Director Bob Priddy anchored our coverage. 53 min
  • Governor Holden speaking to General Assembly following terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. 9/11/01 4 min
  • Governor Bob Holden 2002 State of the State & Budget. 42 min



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